Experts in the replacement and repair of downspouts within communities

Amisur is a specialized company in the replacement and repair of both interior and exterior downspouts.

As professionals in vertical work techniques, and being approved for the management and removal of asbestos by the RERA, we are authorised to change fiber cement downspouts that contain asbestos; at competitive rate allowing us to offer competitive prices.

Our services include:

  1. Assembly of lifelines to access the work area where the downspout is located.
  2. Mobilize the pipeline by means of pulley systems to lower it.
  3. Installation of PVC pipes with the corresponding derivations.
  4. If the downspout is made of asbestos, the current regulations will be followed.
  5. We verify and guarantee that everything is fully operational on the same day.

We have more than 10 years of experience in vertical work, which allows us to streamline the procedure using various techniques of working at height.

We finance the work 100%

If your community does not dispose of the funds, we can adapt to your needs.

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