How does the laboratory detect asbestos fibers?

Methods such as infrared spectrophotometry, or fiber counting by microscope are used to identify the chemical composition of the material, determine whether the material contains asbestos or not

How are asbestos environmental metrics carried out?

In case of suspecting the presence of asbestos particles in the air, techniques such as phase contrast microscopy are used, which allows us to determine the percentage of asbestos fibers contained.

How to request an asbestos study

Step 1: Consultation and costing

This first step is to make contact, responding to the customer's queries, understand what is required and prepare a suitable costing accordingly

Step 2: Collecting the samples

After the costing has been accepted, one of our technicians will go visit the indicated place to extract samples for analysis

Step 3: Delivery of the results report

Upon completion of the study, a detailed report of the sample results will be sent to the customer indicating whether the item contains asbestos

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    Sample analysis and environmental metrics for the detection of asbestos particles

    The analysis of environmental metrics is a mandatory practice in case workers are at risk of being exposed to a high concentration of asbestos in the air.

    The result of the test must demonstrate a quantity of asbestos particles in the air lower than the «Daily Environmental Exposure Limit Value» of 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter, in a time frame of 8 hours.

    All this legislation is regulated by article 5 of RD 396/2006, of March 31, 2006, which regulates the minimum health and safety provisions applicable to those jobs that are subject to asbestos exposure (Ministry of the Presidency, BOE 04.11.2006).

    At Amisur, we take care of the entire measurement procedure, from the collection of asbestos samples, their analysis in a laboratory, and the subsequent conclusion of the study with its corresponding measurement report.

    There is the option of performing asbestos analysis on solid, liquid and gaseous products (ambient air). For more information about the samples, contact our technical team and they will clarify all your queries.

    Taking into account that asbestos or asbestos is a fibrous mineral with relevant mechanical, chemical, heat and flame resistant insulating properties, this component was used in the construction sector, the port industry… since the 1940s. Although, it was not completely banned until 2001 due to its high carcinogenic power.